Britânnia Têxtil

It all started with a ribbon. For over 25 years, the Brazilian company Britânnia Têxtil has been exploring the creative possibilities of yarns, the basis of a collection of multi-shaped, constantly evolving fashion accessories. The newest product from the company, founded by a UK transplant, is Tressê-Elástic, which transforms ribbon into a stretch sportswear fabric thanks to its compact weave and features graphic visual effects. Perfect for swimsuits and shoes, this all-terrain fabric is naturally Pop and trendy, but also reveals an elegant side in tone-on-tone versions. Fringes from brightly coloured yarns, micro-pompons and origami on pleated, draped and sculpted ribbons are only a sample of the rich offer at Britânnia, which presents its creations in a palette of pastel colours worked in contrast, to inject a dash of fantasy into even the most classic design creations.