A spider’s lace


In operation since 1840, Darquer is nothing less than the oldest lace factory in Calais and Caudry in the world. Drawing inspiration from centuries-old archives, this traditional French company never ceases to broaden the range of lace possibilities, from diaphanous Chantilly to opulent macramé. And SS 2018 is no exception: Frédéric Rumigny, one of the house’s artists, has just launched a new “spider” lace that mimics the effects of an actual web through a tulle interpretation made in a particularly solid yarn. This lace with a macramé look and an elegantly mobile visual aspect opens up new creative horizons for the 7-point Leavers loom, confirming the constantly updated relevance of the Calais-Caudry lace-makers’ know-how of. Attractive, refined, timeless.