Parisian retailer LECLAIREUR collaborates with Japanese group TORAY on an 11-piece capsule collection made in Japan, along with a selection of organic and technical fabrics presented in exclusivity at LECLAIREUR 40 rue de Sévigné (Paris 3ème) from September 14th to 21st. L’ECLAIREUR’s essentials sublimated by TORAY’s sense of innovation and know-how.

A 4-style capsule from LECLAIREUR made in Japan using the latest technologies. Polyester materials with an organic touch mixing comfort and technicality. Woolly windstopper microfiber, water-resistant nylon, cordura ballistic polyester… Along with a selection of Toray upcoming innovations in preview.

Two new styles presented in exclusivity to complete this essential timeless selection: Sugoï tee shirt and Kimo Japanese-inspired jacket

A common philosophy of know-how shared between LECLAIREUR and Toray through this Franco-Japanese dialog.

When Parisian avant-garde meets Japanese technological know-how.