27 rare and precious know-hows presented at the 4th edition of Maison d’Exceptions

(Photos : Atelier Dynale – Maison d’Exceptions)

Artisans from across the world are absent from their ateliers this week, in order to showcase their talents at the Maison d’Exceptions. For more than a century, Okujun has worked to preserve the Yuki Tsumugi technique, inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List, full of original drawings, silk yarns spun by hand and woven on a traditional loom. Dynale de Vanves (France), a younger, European company, is modernizing traditional techniques such as hand painting, flat screen printing, dévorage, dégradé techniques and more. Coming from Chennai in southeast India, the Ateliers Courtin base their reputation on a mastery of leather craftsmanship in all possible iterations, combined, for example, with precious raw materials or plastic resins.

Maison d’exceptions, Hall 6,
by accreditation