New motifs that will radiate into your collections

The creative offer at Première Vision Designs is broader than ever thanks to the arrival of five new international studios from all over Europe.

The wide range of designs at Peppyink (Designs, 5W78) is available online 24/7; the colourful and joyfully mad motifs and playful characters created by this English studio are designed to appeal to the very youngest, from children to adolescents.

Whether abstract or figurative, the artworks by En Petit Comité (Designs, 5W67) evoke a sensitive and delicate universe, one that’s intimate but also resolutely contemporary. Founded in 2008, this French studio is returning to Première Vision Paris after six years’ absence. From photographic images to hand drawings, designers draw on highly diverse techniques to give shape to their inspiration.

At the Berlin studio Tomya Mateo (Designs, 5W74) , photos provide the starting material for graphic creations mixing digital and manual techniques.

Fresh and feminine, Amelie Pinaudeau’s lush plant and floral motifs for AP Prints (Designs, 5W73) invoke both collages and freehand drawings, digital work and pencilling, watercolour and photography.

The Spanish Studio Fennec (Designs, 5U91) was born of the meeting of two designers with over 20 years of experience in hand-drawn designs. Whether romantic or stylized, their creations are just as suitable for men’s and women’s fashions as they are for the home. Even more creative images, for even more inspiration.

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