Guided tour through the aisles of Designs

Aisles like so many passageways, paths and invitations to discover, skim, touch and absorb new sensations, and occasionally revisit ones already known and forgotten.

All our exhibitors’ specialties are unveiled for the duration of the Première Vision Designs show :


Alive with colour and texture, the patterns of the Italian workshop Boggia Design can be readily imagined as liquid substances applied to the surface of fabric. Like actual paintings, they are a fresh display of their masterful creators’ 50 years of experience.

A mastery also found in the motifs of the English studio Amanda Kelly, who boldly unveils creations whose structured lines evoke a taste for a pared-down aesthetic.


The embellishments and embroideries from the London studio Story Design Limited, created by Julinka Misztal, draw on the traditional techniques of highly skilled Indian craftsmen, and appear on each creation like a string of notes added to a melody.

At Jayne Goulding Embroidery, the combination of state-of-the-art digital embroidery combined with traditional hand and machine techniques lends originality and poetry to this studio’s creations.


Loops that repeat, intertwine and form a whole. Whether working on pullovers sweaters or hand-knits, the English atelier All Knitted Swatch Design occasionally halts the machines to knit a pattern by hand with knitting or crochet needles.

At Acorn Conceptual Textiles, the themes are broken down across a range of canvases. Soft, thick fibres express themselves to give substance to a great number of materials, shapes and ideas.


By rescuing from oblivion a large collection of garments remarkable for their quality, authenticity or singularity, the U.S.-based 22 Print Studio is able to present a wide range of vintage possibilities.

Constantly on the hunt, the enthusiastic Italian dealer Venturino Vintage brings to light unlikely hidden treasures. His archives are a vast accumulation of antique haberdashery and outstanding textures.

Join us next 19 to 21 September to meet and exchange ideas with these textile decoration experts, and dream up ways to give unique character to your collections.

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