Graphic magic

Nostalgic, but with a touch of Pop. Vintage, yet resolutely modern. Exuberant, but delicate. Graphic motifs for next spring-summer season are marked by almost contradictory influences, and magical contrasting mixes.

At Canvas Print Studio (Designs, 5U53), ambivalence is an ingredient informing the entire philosophy of the studio. The motifs elaborated by this team of London designers juggle freely between digital technologies and hand techniques, contemporary trends and archival finds.

The same goes for the designers at Pattern Textiles (Designs, 5V14), where inspiration is plucked from everywhere from runways and urban fashion, to travel and art exhibitions. The new collection from this London studio puts a special focus on hand-drawn patterns and lightness, with airy and colourful motifs reinventing the Bohemian spirit of paisleys, flowers and abstract geometrics in a 1950s-style.

For Lucie Bellion (Designs, 5U83), drawing by hand has always been a major means of expression: from felt markers to India ink, watercolour, pastel and pencil, any technique has its place to give shape to the French designer’s delicate, multifaceted universe. Directions currently under development for the next season include a lush garden, where intense and variegated flora hides a multitude of exotic animals worthy of a painting by Rousseau, with a particularly elegant graphic line.