From yarn to clothing: knit mastery and magic

Here’s the magic of flatbed knits:  they take you from yarn to finished product in a single tour de force, combining creative direction and technical know. Five international knit studios take us behind the scenes of a co-creative process perfectly attuned to customers’ expectations. All are presenting their latest innovations at the September edition of Première Vision Designs.

The Mauritian studio The Design Factory, established in 2004 as a knit design consulting service for leading brands, began, as of 2011, combining this creative expertise with a full array of production solutions.

Since then, designers, knitters and embroiderers work closely to offer the company’s clients finished products that can be personalised down to the smallest details, a cross between the brands’ own creative intuitions and the studio’s expertise, backed by a team of designers and archives of leading fashion publications from 1986 to today.

Creative archives are also a highly-valuable work asset for the Yellow Minnow design studio. Their ever-expanding portfolio offers clients a vast array of creative and technical suggestions as a basis to develop new projects. Yarn selection, stitch development, motif elaboration, the study of the chromatic palette and the design of the garment are all key transitions and decisions for which this English studio can offer specific expertise, drawing on manual know-how, a respect for tradition and technical and industrial innovation.

The same applies to Bobble LTD, which since 2011 has been providing the world’ s leading luxury brands with know-how that combines analysis of creative trends and technical skills –  from handmade prototypes to industrial renderings using the most modern and efficient machines.

This joining of creativity and technical know-how is key to the worldwide success of Sophie Steller. Far from simply suggesting creative directions, this London knit studio and trend bureau has a full prototyping service ranging from fabric development to custom embellishment design, including the elaboration of colour palettes and brand identity. Thanks to a particularly intuitive sensitivity to emerging trends and the specific expertise of the company’s designers in working with Stoll and Shima Seiki machines, Sophie Steller is continually pushing the limits of flatbed knits, with an ever surprising play on volume, lines and materials.

The rich and complex nature of the expertise behind flatbed knitting is also reflected in the studios’ founders’ careers. Before launching her eponymous studio, Julia Pines worked as a designer and consultant for the luxury industry, and even founded her own brand, which was distributed worldwide for over 10 years. This fashion background is reflected in an increased focus on graphic aspects – line, colours, silhouette and choice of noble fibres, and the studio’s readiness to mix flatbed knitting and weaving in creative and unexpected placement suggestions.

From yarns to apparel, idea to creation…presto – the magic of flatbed knits!

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