The flavours of the season by Nellie Partow

The New-York designer famed for her sumptuous fabrics and clean lines takes us on a tour of the forums to visit some of her favourites.

“What attracted me to this motif by New Age- My Design ( Designs, 5V52- 5W55), was how saturated the colours are. Watercolour effects are very in the air right now, and they let you create this special chromatic intensity.”
Forum Designs, HALL 5


“I especially like this deep blue sample from  Toray International ( Fabrics, 6C16). Its dry papery handle and shine give volume to the firm cotton and nylon fabric, which is very lightweight and has a very natural feel.”
Fabrics, le Forum, HALL6


“This tubular knit combines two yarns, one from d’E.Miroglio EAD (Yarns, 6F50) and another from Kapfil Tekstil (Yarns, 6E54) in a double jacquard designed by the  Sophie Steller ( Designs, 5V25). I love its twin personality- natural architectural motifs give it.”
Forum Yarns & Knitwear, Hall 6


“CI really like thi fabric by Bonotto (Fabrics, 6M8-6N9) because of its silky handle and the way it plays on warm tones. From far away it looks like a thick fabric with a lot of volume, while in reality it’s quite supple and transparent. It’s a nice mix of modernity with and artisanal aspect.”
Fabrics, Le Forum, Hall 6