Exhibitor portraits #2 Designs


Eleonora Clerici, artistic director at Eleonora Clerici Studio, Première Vision Designs chose “fake jade” from the AW1718 colour range.

My job designer from the land of silk. 

The como region is fertile ground :  You breathe in textiles on every street corner. I was born here, and studied here at the ‘University of Silk’, a reference in technical training for the industry. Did you know the first time I came to Paris was because I won a school contest, and the prize was a visit to Première Vision! Though I still design myself, over the past ten years my job has focused on coordinating the other designers in our studio, which specialises in prints for clothing and decoration. Today, being creative is fundamental, but it isn’t enough. You have to know how to integrate your idea into a commercial project. Then be able to interpret a client’s taste. The exponential development of inkjet printing over the past decade has revolutionised the industry. When I began, I drew by hand directly on the fabric. Today, while drawing by hand remains essential, the composition and colours are perfected on a computer. Hand-drawn and digital aspects work together. It’s all about creativity! And let’s not  hide the reality: there are a lot of all-nighters in this industry. The time you have to  realise proposals is always getting tighter; sometimes you have just a few hours to respond to requests. Which leaves no margin for error! Even today, I still feel like I’m taking an exam  when I present my collections to our clients. Each time it’s like taking a plunge… sometimes you get great    feedback, other times you get a chance to re-examine what you’re doing.