Designs: Opening of the spring summer 2021 season

Giving materials a second life, simplifying compositions in yarns and fabrics to facilitate future recycling, shredding leathers and reconstituting them, lightening coatings, playing with the beauty of pale, minimally pigmented shades, dipping into scraps and waste to make off-beat accessories: spring-summer 2021 is marked by a new idea of economy.


The season’s decorations move in this same direction, with simplified motifs and flat-tinted shapes serving as underlayers or counter-grounds, somewhat like naive cut-outs. Whiteness, absence, makes an appearance, to convey the smooth imprint of a flower, a fruit, an everyday object, a gentle geometric figure – the reminder of an element that was once present, which left behind its graphic mark. Fullness and emptiness coexist and interact, sliding like the pieces of a Chinese tangram puzzle in search of possible configurations, an exercise in devising figurative or abstract drafts.
The openwork in eyelet embroidery and guipure grows bigger, to let emptiness play a role. In weaves, cut-yarns are significantly lighter. Air circulates and becomes a palpable presence.
Balance is expressed by the roundness of motifs, conveying a calm and positive confidence. Offering-style decorations, with eroded contours, safe and smooth, that you want to hold in your hand. Stylised without seeking symmetry, they assert their irregularities and proudly display their naturalness.
A spontaneous, harmonious aesthetic that softens the angles!