Best S/S 19 Designs

Discover buyers’ favourite spring summer 19 patterns and prints from the February 2018 Première Vision Designs show.


A season marked by the full light of summer and a desire for simplicity : Stylized flowers, impactful and solar colours, and an artist’s hand for uniquely drawn lines and motifs.
Selections favoured both differentiating fantasy and personalization possibilities, sometimes through specific colourisings or placements and sometimes through embroidery, along with an urge to get down to the essential, and move away from superfluity.

There’s continued growth in the importance accorded to real drawing tools: dry rather than watercolour tools, to sketch out jungle animals, incredible birds and insects – multi-coloured or three-toned rather than two-toned – and mostly all-over.

For children’s and baby markets, delicate and anecdotal flowers in all the softer colours of the range, highlighted by the precise “night pigment” navy.

The market for micro-patterns for men’s fantasy continues to grow, with small, barely legible and widely spaced anecdotal and floral patterns coming out on top.

In colours, subtle accents of green, lilac and soft blue vividly awaken decoration in a narrative and playful spring-summer 19, at once sensitive and expressive.


Precise flowers

Flat, outlined, the season’s favourite flowers are mostly graphic. They are enlarged to abstraction, stylized to verge on geometrics, ordered and imbricated like tapestries, and coloured with subtle and sophisticated contrasts.

Lines are refined with utmost delicacy, sketching out subtly prickly herbals, gracefully drawn florals floating in the air and  slightly clashing  bouquets with a dashing twirl.

Animal anecdotals

Exotic birds, hybrid insects and jungle animals populate decorations: zebras, monkeys and goats are preferred over the wild beasts of the past summer season, and hide in the dense tropical forest.

Other animal figuratives – fish, whales, lobsters and octopuses – are more naively sketched, and swim in new interpretations of seabeds.

Detailled natures

Precisely drawn foliage, meticulously imbricated to facilitate multi-directional readings, and sketched landscapes remain sure bets for summer.

Birds hide in the branches, in a diverse multitude of charmingly exotic leaves.


Fantasy geometrics

A playful geometry marked above all by stripes: irregular, diagonal, deviating, with interrupted rhythms, these stripes are always skilfully worked and surprising.

High-fantasy graphics with a Memphis inspiration, constructions made of blocks and flat-tints superimposed over freehand and textured lines, as if drawn with chalk or sprayed.