YKK launches FLEXFIX: “wear-free” snap fasteners

Flexfix® meets the  expectations  of  luxury brands as a distinctive accessory.  Flawless  and  hardwearing  its  design, technology  and  attention  to  detail  make  it  a powerful, ground-breaking article. Flexfix® is an innovative fastener system with powerful technical features. The technology  has  been  tested  to  50,000  openings  and  closings  while maintaining the same level of sturdiness, without any deterioration of the stud. You don’t use the same buttons on parkas, tops and wallets, so the ease with which it is actually opened and closed, and the ensuing solidity, can be adjusted according to application, from the lightest touch to the most resistant pressure. With its arrow-shaped stud, it is easier to close. The  arrow  shaped  stud  can  also  be  used  for  ornamentation,  for  example  as  a decorative stud on garments or bags.  

YKK – 4D37 4E36