Two-way stretch ribbing

Following on from the trend of the spacer, two-way stretch ribbing knitted in 3D is becoming more common. After Morito, Shimada Shoji and Shindo have joined the fray with a multitude of versions. These are narrow strips of knitted rib but, in contrast to traditional ribbing, the rib runs along the length of the strip. They are structured like accordions, with great resistance, which means that they are completely closed when at rest, cutting out draughts then open with movement, allowing transpiration to evaporate rapidly. Produced in contrasting colours, They are hidden in the depths of folds and are revealed as the fabric moves. It is therefore possible to imagine versatile cut-outs, as functional as they are aesthetic, positioned in strategic places on a garment. Originally destined for sportswear, there is also a natural market for them in the ready-to-wear sector. In the meantime, the premium skiwear label, Killy, uses these kind of ribs in red white and blue as the hidden colours, for its next winter collection.



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