THE right sole for a good shoe

Now that sports shoes have become a mainstay in the city, standards of comfort have gone up a notch, and this can be seen in the choices of soles on offer. The unrivalled star of the outdoor market, Vibram, has made a sensational entrance into the temple of fashion. The astonishing design of Vibram soles is based on ergonomic data, producing light and supple items that adhere well to the ground and give the impression of being barefoot. These are the qualities that we would like to see in all shoes. New & Best, injection specialists, have launched a system called Foot Shape, a polyurethane sole with a shape memory. This produces a more lightweight result than gel and what is more, thanks to its cellular structure, it offers improved breathability. To conclude, many materials offer ecological advantages, a parameter that has become essential today. Some may opt for the biodegradable TPU and recyclable EVA used by Moda Italiana, whilst others may prefer the natural rubber used by Reltex Semelles Lactae Hevea, but one thing is certain: all soles are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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