Textile innovations by Lunas France

Innovation is the key word at Lunas France! Let’s have a look on them…


From this standpoint, they seek new techniques in unexpected fields such as auto or advertising industry. In their constant researches, they came across the “doming”. This resin originally used as stickers for advertising marking and identification of products, offers volume, gloss and explosive contrasts of colors. From Sportswear to Beachwear, RTW to Luxury, doming comes in monochrome, translucent or printed version. Lunas France today is the only company to master the application of doming by heat transfer on textile supports.

170113-doming-monochrome 170113-doming-imprime

Fusion of know-how

Thanks to the multiplicity of techniques they handle and the expertise of its Parisian workshops, Lunas France masters the art of mixing its own products thus creating unexpected associations. The ultimate refinement of this fusion of know-hows is expressed in the patches and allovers on which Cécile Henri Atelier adds hand embroideries. This referring embroidery Parisian house labeled EPV is the other entity owned by Ateliers 2 Paris, a French independent group. By these mixes, Lunas France and Cécile Henri Atelier give birth to a new technique: “the embroidered appliqué”.

170113-fusion-de-savoir-faire-ecusson-application-transfert-et-broderie-main-2 170113-fusion-de-savoir-faire-produit-fini


Lunas France develops hand embroidered braids. Crochet, macramé, needle embroidery, Lunéville, Cornely are all manual expertise handled by their teams. Lunas’ thrust is its infinite associations enabled by mixing these manual and traditional know-hows with all other techniques they developed: machine embroidery, sublimation, rhinestones, epoxy, nailhead applications, doming…


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