Skin-deep materials


Soft labels in precious materials, supple second-skins, gummy finishings with rich and pleasing handles, soft and eco-friendly leatherette, rounded micro studs that meld softly into base materials: there’s a whole host of chapters in the story of handles that, from fabrics to accessories, focus on skin-like sensations in their new quest for softness.

At Ramponi (Première Vision Accessories), skins play on trompe-l’oeil effects: new studs with rounded shapes and natural colours blend gently into the base materials for an imitation second skin effect.


For Italian label specialist Reca (Première Vision Accessories), the demand for comfort is a founding principle. While fine and stretchy thermo-adhesive labels in seamless polyurethane film continue to win unanimous favour for their second-skin effect, the latest news is a 100% silk and cashmere sewn label whose luxurious and natural handle promises to open new sensory horizons in an ever more virtual world.


Gummy, natural but also extremely technical finishings at  Chiorino (Première Vision Leather), further this story of rich and pleasing handles. In smooth or honeycomb versions, the gummy and opaque skins at this Italian company are remarkable for their flexibility and softness.


The lacquered and moving leatherette and laser cut-outs combining skins and fabrics developed by Leathertex (Première Vision Fabrics) sare even more perfect for stretch pants and coats as their production requires no harmful chemical agent.


And we close the skin-deep story at the Italian company Eurojersey (Première Vision Fabrics), with their Sensitive® range of fabrics, where a high percentage of Lycra assures a gluey fluidity and an inimitable softness. The latest product in the range, Sensitive® Grace, combines high performance with featherweights (80 g/m2), for comfort worthy of a true second skin.