Satab unveils its silicone collection

Thanks to the expansion of its R&D which has become a genuine innovation lab, SATAB the major French ribbon weaver, has woven the first non-slip ribbons with a new product to hit this textile sector: a one-of-a-kind silicone thread. There are endless possibilities when it comes to silicone. The weaving of this new thread opens up a whole host of applications which SATAB has been proactive in developing and proposing. With Silicone, SATAB transforms ribbons into innovative products blending fashion with technique. The textile products incorporating silicone whether woven yarns or application in a large range of colours in silicone, will enhance all the Fashion products of the ready-made clothing world for Women, Men, Children, lingerie-corsets, fashion accessories, shoes and leather goods. Piping with textile tail can be set off with a linear silicone application adapted to all ready-madeclothing finishes. A ribbon woven with silicon thread to be applied to fashion accessories such as a must-have bag. A strap embellished with silicone application for lingerie will add that stand-out extra to a model. Silicone ribbons with matt and shiny effect for Men’s or Women’s ready-made clothing. Whether non-slip or really sticky, coloured, fluorescent, matt, shiny or even glittery, silicone is on the way to becoming indispensable.