This tendency, which has been present for a number of seasons, is growing and diversifying.
While digital printing is at the origin of this movement, thanks to its flexibility, now that everyone is using it, it is no longer enough to satisfy the desire for differentiation. That is why hand-painting is back in vogue and is carving out a niche for itself as an alternative to digital. Metal Service has produced hangers worthy of Rousseau. At AT+T, we find broad sweeping brush strokes on linen or polyurethane Abstract drips and smears appear with Nastrificio De Bernardi on elastics and straps. While relief provides added value in the form of flocking or raised ink. We move from the large-scale design to the infinitely small with minuscule motifs placed on very tiny studs, from Lunas, or on zip teeth at Unizip.


© Lunas


© Eddy Ricami Project


Swarovski inaugurates Graphic Print, a printing process on crystals, for last minute customisation. This being said, digital printing still has a bright future: It appears on suit protectors from Eurotextile, colours the embroideries of Kokolo and studding from Eddy Ricami Project.