New woven label of Indet

Historically, the objective of Indet is mixing trends with ancient techniques and traditional supports by combining the latest technological movements.

This season, Indet is concentred on the creation of visual texture on all the supports. The oxide effect or suminagashi marble can be reflected on all the labels that are on the clothes (hangtags, woven label, leather, etc…).This season, even the synthetic supports, can be represented on natural material, such as cork and wood.

Once again, Indet is looking for innovation for all the shapes of labelling. Especially for badges, that remain always in the life of the consumer. The brand is part of him/her. Also the brand is studying the elements that go with jewelry and mini packaging.

The vintage supports are mixed with technology. For instance, the use of thermos plastic and paper, foam with adhesive, etc…

Finally, Indet has become a real actor also as leather and synthetic manufacturer. He has now a large range of materials, process and technics that will not leave anyone indifferent.