My job artisan of the sole

Marco Poletto, from Suolificio Veneziano, Première Vision Accessories, SHOE FOCUS AREA  reaching for the moon, which certain clients sometimes ask for…

The sole is that imperceptible element that lends sophistication to a shoe.
In 1985 (this year marks our 30th anniversary), our company was the first to manufacture pre-finished leather soles, our specialty. As a student, I started to help my father during summer holidays. I didn’t think I would continue after school ended, but as time passed I became more passionate about it. My father passed down his love of his work to me. And he taught me that any profession can be great if you love it and are passionate about doing it well. Today, I am involved right from the development of samples, in close collaboration with our clients’ style and production directors, and I am meticulous about the quality control of the finished products. Over the years, we have collaborated with well-known luxury and high fashion brands. One of my favourite memories is the first invitation I received for a major fashion show, as a supplier. The result was wonderfully flamboyant thanks to the assembly of many small parts including the sole. Through its investments in new technology, the company can now respond to more diversified demands, always in the field of high-end women’s shoes. But even though we may use highly advanced technologies, my profession still remains quite artisanal.