Morgane Mathieu, guest designer on Bag Shoe

Morgane Mathieu
is a young leather goods designer based in Paris. After a year at the Ateliers de Sèvres, she joined Ecole Duperré, graduating in textile design and accessories design in 2009. During her studies, she won the “Espoirs de la Creation Comité Colbert 2008” award, for Chanel, thanks to her reversible bag project. She then joined the Chanel Production workshops in order to develop a collection for the “Design Colbert” exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and took her first steps into the luxury leather goods world. Subsequently she worked with a number of designers such as Romain Villiers-Moriamé and Ifassen, and collaborated with Alexandre Vauthier on the design of his iconic modular bag, Unfolder7.

She is also a member of the La Base artistic collective and is interested in other areas of design: she has worked on a number of occasions for Marie-Claire and Avantages magazines as a freelance designer, has accepted textile scenography assignments for We Love Art at the Who’s Next show and the Peacock Society festival and she regularly produces collections for the knitwear label We Are Knitters.

In 2012 she created her eponymous label, producing artisanal leather goods. She mostly produces pieces to order and limited edition series available during selective pop-up sales. Morgane is currently training at Ateliers Grégoire alongside Laurent Convertino, himself awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, in order to earn the “artisan” label and, in a few years, open her own workshop-boutique producing luxury artisanal leather goods, specialised in bespoke orders.

Design universe and creative concept

Although her designs are influenced by the contemporary landscape and familiar objects, Morgan mainly finds her inspiration in materials and techniques. Always on the look-out for new forms of expertise, she does not hesitate to borrow from the codes or concepts of urban architecture, the mechanical industry, furniture making and art in general. She sets absolutely no limits in her choice of materials, going as far as to associate quilted leather, plastic, wood and metal in her models.

Tie-Dye Collection

Tie-dye is an exploration of the traditional Japanese dyeing technique known as Shibori, via a series of 29 unique, numbered handmade and hand-dyed clutches. In this collection with its bright colours and random patterns, the way the pigment has been managed can be directly compared to modern painting.  By repeating a simple shape, Morgane is underlining the nuances of the material, and drawing attention to the way in which the colour differs according to the origin of the pigment, the fabric chosen, how it is folded and the immersion time. She deliberately leaves a lot to chance in her textile creations, making it impossible to create two identical designs and thus embarking on an approach that is respectful of the quality and the authenticity of the handmade item.

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