Julien Faure: An exceptional heritage

For more than 200 years, the St Etienne region has been the home of a prosperous and well-respected industry: ribbon-making. Today, this activity has considerably diminished, but of the companies that remain, Julien Faure has succeeded in conserving expertise that is unique throughout the world, and which forged the international reputation of ribbon from Saint-Etienne. In doing so, an exceptional set of production tools has been saved:  around fifty shuttle looms dating from the 19th Century. And what is more, Julien Faure is the only company in the world to own and use the six-shuttle narrow loom. This can produce brooches, clokay, double weaves and 100% silk jacquards, all with a very high thread count; indeed the shuttle loom offers almost unlimited possibilities. In addition to the company’s work with the haute couture sector, Julien Faure also lends its skills to the manufacture of electronic circuits and surgical prostheses, because the fact is that no modern machine can better the work of a shuttle loom, whose only inconvenience is its slowness. Listed as a Living Heritage Company, Julien Faure, one of Première Vision’s founder companies , celebrated its 150th anniversary last year.

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