Jewellery gets spiky

The jewellery range from PV Accessories is rich with new products. It anticipates a trend for ever more boldness and originality, which is no longer satisfied with safe and bland products.
Jewellery will be alternately splendid and inaccessible, angular and trenchant, offbeat, fascinating and wild. In response to these demands, stud makers are sharpening their points. Griste is offering coloured compositions that are dazzling and prickly. 

GRISTE2© Griste

Preciosa is producing its new crystal entitled Chaton Rose Maxima with 264 highlights. More playful, the giant metal and plastic insects from Leonardo Frascaroli are also creating an impact. Flowers in shiny plastic and leather with metal stamens create colourful and graphic necklaces, notably from Les Ateliers Tamalet.

LES_ATELIERS_TAMALET© Les Ateliers Tamalet

The 2.5D crystals from Swarovski, like the cosmic marl enamel from FBMA, capture the gaze in trompe l’oeil depths. Metal chains, disguised under flocking or a rubbery lacquer in acidic colours, boast an inoffensive but intriguing softness. In terms of items with a wilder aspect, Pianetta Gemme is launching a new cracked effect, raku-style.

And men are not forgotten. Ramon Santaeularia has reserved for them a large selection of cufflinks and tie pins that are delicately sparkling; mini crystals, from Swarovski in particular, are more than ever to be found on all sorts of products, from headphones to eyewear.