Jewellery accessories for footwear and bags



Why should diamanté, beads, stones and other decorations be limited to jewellery?

Footwear, bags, belts and other accessories also want to sparkle and shine. Footwear is taking the lead in this area and jewellery component suppliers are keen to oblige. Preciosa produces decorative gemstones and has seen an increase in demand for its flat-bottomed models, to be used on accessories and leather items. Beads, another great jewellery classic, are also extending their reach. The season is very keen on them, as Sem Art confirms, particularly in shiny or iridescent metal versions. Whether they are riveted from Amom or hot fix from Hittit Transfer, they are ready to decorate clothing and accessories. In turn, Swarovski has produced very tiny beads which can be glued on and used absolutely anywhere. Sneakers and city shoes are sharing the treasure. Sports shoes are taking their vanity to the very tips of their eyelets with the collection from Fixo, very much appreciated for the variety of its range.  Meanwhile city shoes are mostly focused on heels. The crystal heel from Tacchificcio Pienne or the heel decorated with stones from New & Best are jewels. But there is also a spot which is becoming more and more popular for the designers of shoe jewellery: The hollow of the arch!

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