Accessories selection S/S19

A season where components and accessories take pride of place in silhouettes, in osmosis or in boldly affirmed contrast. Softness and refinement for a masculine-feminine wardrobe that is both functional and sophisticated. Finesse and lightness are the watchwords for patterns and embroideries, there is transparency and jellified shine on surfaces, while volumes are graphic and structured; the vocabulary is expanding this season and we can choose not to choose sides and to gently create a stir!

Accessories selection


Frank tenderness

Summer is dressed in gentle touches. Delicate flowers, presented in profusion to create new decorations that are mid-way between figurative and blurred. Decors evoke 18th Century tapestries, reworked with embossed surfaces or plastic finishes.
Summer’s shades are delicately diffused over components.
Colours appear in the colour gradients of a sunset, in melted two-tones on raw materials.
Patterns are covered with silicon, transparent coatings and enamellings are thick and almost syrupy.
Finishes create surprise with jellified surfaces, coloured transparencies that showcase their eco-conception with bio-sourced polymers or biodegradable plastics, for accessories that sparkle and respect the environment.
Aquatic creatures, sea horses, crabs, crazy fish, are worn like new charms.
Surfaces are in motion with embroidery creating undulations, transparent shimmering, aquatic marbling.

Benevolently utilitarian
Minimalism adopts workwear accents to create ranges of refined utilitarian accessories.
Lines are clean, components covered in rubbery coating producing an ultra-perfect look.
A protective second skin, with discreet reinforcements, fine padding, embossed markings.
Decors evoke cleverly tessellated geometries, design accumulations of graphic mini-motifs. Precise lines blur the vision and trouble the texture with 3D volumes.
Summer checks combine constructivism and bright colours, clean tints and fine stripes to create astonishing buttons and belt buckles.
Authentics also play the clean card, with square constructions, accessories in tarlatan gauze, metallic mesh