Jeanswear accessories

In jeanswear, the simplicity of the raw and the elegance of the simple take precedence over aggressive fading and outrageous decorations. Beautiful raw-edged cardboard, straight from the guillotine; light patina-free leathers, unbleached cotton labels, still stiff with their coatings set the scene for a “straight from the factory” style which tempers vintage with rigour. In turn, aged looks become more sophisticated: crumpled jacrons discreetly coated with a mother-of-pearl finish, cracked but carefully polished buttons, or leather with a fine metal coating. Rather than faded finishes, the preference is for deep and pure blues as well as clean, bright ecrus in tie-and-dye or strongly contrasting taschist designs. Colour tends to be added as paint or a coating, rather than be removed through fading. Here and there, we find a neon stripe, a silicon logo, a rubber button, a laminated marking: proof that jeanswear has succumbed to the temptation of sport tech.


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