Fuwarie – 3D embroidery

Crew-cut III - SEAB Srl

Fuwari embroidery takes its name from the Japanese word for ‘soft and downy’. This technique, which was refined in Japan in 2008, is starting to become more widely known, notably thanks to Kenzo’s use of it in their recent collection of sweat-shirts. At Première Vision Accessories, Seab has been presenting embroideries of this type for more than a year now, under the label of “spazzola” which means brush cut. Last February, it was also to be found on the stand of the Korean company Wig Korea. This procedure of tufted hair embroidery does indeed resemble a very soft brush, making it a worthy rival for flocking. The fibres are much higher and more regular. Furthermore, they are woven into the fabric and not glued onto it. Fuwari is produced using an embroidery machine on a quilted material. When the embroidery is completed, the fabric is cut with a blade which slices the quilting though its thickness, rather like splitting leather. At a time when the trend is for velvet markings and 3D effects, this procedure should experience even greater success.