Futuristic ripples

Whether supplementary or ancillary, essential or anecdotal, accessories never fail to impress.  A preview highlight of the raised looks that are among the fashion directions at the show, to discover in the space dedicated to leathergoods and footwear. *







Soles : Suolificio Gloria
Heels : Gamar
Straps : Satab maroquinerie  


On heels, soles and even bag straps, relief stands out. Both technical and attractive, raised textures are presented in many forms, with materials interpreted in consistently surprising new ways.

Graphic quiltings on straps give a new spin to classic outdoor influences, breathing futuristic and sporty life into the season’s  bags and totes.Flutings and regular volumes combine graphics, transparency and colour to create ribbed heels, structured buckles and surprising handles.
Soft or neat ripples are frozen in lively waves on soles with rounded notches, for absolute comfort that’s sporty and ultra-fashionable.

With their avant-garde techniques, artistic appropriations, notions of comfort and sharp designs, these three kinds of volume showcase technology in a new light. Looking straight out of a 3D printer, they are the very representation of a certain kind of delicacy and softness, with materials ready to cushion shocks, and soften the blows of the future …

*Bag & Shoe elements, Trend Gallery, hall 3