Focus on the new exhibitors

Première Vision Accessories welcomes 20 new exhibitors. Let’s focus on their know-how and creativity.

AGORA FASHION FACTORY                    IT                    4D53


With an impressive variety of embroideries, combined with laser and thermo-adhesive techniques, digital printing and needlework, the company has all the requisite skills for offering high added value in terms of graphic animation. Along with its mechanical or semi-manual embroidery techniques, such as Cornély, velvet, bouclette, chains and the placing of sequins, the company, which is the fruit of the merger of Ricamotex and Fashion Services, is now developing hand embroidery. From the design stage to the production of items in jersey, Agora offers its clients a complete cut and sewn service and customisation solutions on all textiles. In this collection that stands out for its reliefs and its combinations of techniques, do not miss the digital embroidery, available in large widths, giving a spectacular effect.

 ASSEMS                    KR                  4I27


These days everything can be glued together and this company offers a varied range of high-quality solutions for the fashion, industrial and sport sectors in particular. With a very complete range of tools including coating, laminating, laser cut-out and engraving, Assems can glue up to four layers of all sorts of materials together (textiles, leatherette, foam, stretch knit, EVA, etc.).  The company holds many patents, including a heat-bonded coated thread that has multiple applications, notably for sports shoes, bags and clothing. Strongly committed to sustainable development, the manufacturing processes do not use toxic solvents, nor do they create waste paper.

ATA                                                    IT                     4H53 4I54

This Italian company founded in 1971 is a global player in textile packaging, producing shoe bags, shopping bags, pouches for leather goods and jewellery, packaging solutions for various sectors including tableware. The company’s strength is in their fully customisable products that can be adapted to each visual identity.

D.VECI                                  TR                              4F52

D Veci 3

This manufacturer of metal accessories presents a complete collection of buttons, rings, press fasteners, rivets, sliders, cord stoppers, tips, brooches, pins, buckles, eyelets and clips, in high quality zamak and brass. The collection is completed by a selection of leather items including strips, buckle straps, fasteners and pompoms. In addition, the company recently added a jewellery department. Everything is designed by a team of in-house designers, made on site and can be tailored to each client’s tastes. With an elegant style and quality finish, this production is destined for the ready-to-wear, branded jeanswear and leather garment sectors, as well as footwear and leather goods and fashion jewellery.


F & R                         TH                  4C48


Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, cuff links, as well as decorations on bags and shoes – this jewellery company with its 400 qualified artisans, supplies not only components but also entirely hand-made pieces of jewellery. Made in solid silver, gold-plated brass, tin, enamel and resin, these items are midway between luxury and fashion. The most demanding clients will appreciate the quality of the work and the variety of products. While the palm chain is one of the house specialities, the collection is also rich in ornamental creations with decorative embroidery, original shapes and shimmering, luminous colours.


 HARMANCI                          TR                   AF54


85 years after it was created, this company has become one of the most important labelling companies in the world. With a pool of 64 cutting-edge machines, the oldest just three years old, Harmanci offers not only a very high production capacity but also great technical and creative diversity and finely-executed items. The manufacturer is particularly proud of this last point, as the company produces labels with high-definition lettering, combinations of jacquards, prints and embossing with remarkable precision. Do not miss the witty and imaginative “cushion” labels and other pocket labels for spare buttons, and above all, the large sheets of digital jacquard made with ultra-fine thread, particularly suitable for covering bags, shoes and leather goods.

JOSEF BERGS                      DE                  4C51

josef berg1

This manufacturer of jewellery components presents a very complete collection of cup-chains and all sorts of full or hollow mounts, with pointy backs or flat backs for gluing in almost all the forms of Swarovski crystals with which the company works. We also find a very wide range of pendants, small items, buckles, medallions, metal frames (mainly tombak), made using stamping and filigree and the desire to achieve perfection. The company also offers a galvanisation service, with a palette of natural colours such as gold, silver, copper and steel, that can be more or less shiny according to requirements. The company has become a specialist in shaped filigree, which can be rounded or wavy, very elegant and very high quality.

 LANDES                     DE           4G43          


This German manufacturer is specialized in leather labels and work with many jeanswear brands. Landes is also strongly working to achieve good results in the responsible matter.  They have developped a chrome free leather line which does not show any difference even after washing compared to a conventional chrome tanned leather.  This special leather is a available in all colors and can be treated with all finishes the industry is asking for.

LEGOPLAST                       IT


An Italian company founded in 1959, Legoplast was one of the first companies to introduce polypropylene into its production. It offers a wide range of plastic packaging for various sectors such as beachwear, lingerie, cosmetics and clothing. All of its products can be customised in terms of their material, size, print and closing.

LEONARDO FRASCAROLI            IT                    4G47


This brand new company brings together three highly experienced professionals who have pooled their expertise to produce unique creations for the fashion and luxury worlds. Experts in macramé, trimmings, crochet, weaving, knitting, embroidery and the application of diamanté, they purchase the raw materials and transform them into braids, necklaces, trimmings, frogging, belts, handles and textile decorations. Everything is handmade and tailored to the needs of each client. Their collection is rich in original, elegant and spectacular models. And their particular strength is their mastery of working with volume, which is especially useful for jewellery, footwear and bags.

MAINETTI                                         IT              4F41


Mainetti is an Italian family company founded in 1961 by four brothers. It launched its activity producing hangars for the domestic market and rapidly expanded internationally. Mainetti then diversified its production and now offers paper bags, clothing bags, boxes and seals, employing more than 6200 people in over 50 countries. From the outset, the company was interested in the issues surrounding sustainable development, putting in place a hangar recycling system for its customers. Quality, innovation, flexibility and sustainability are the strengths of this Italian leader.

NASTROELLE                      IT                    4I30


Although the adhesive is not the most visible element of an item, it plays a determining role in the quality of the end product. Nastroelle is a small company specialised in the manufacture of top-of-the range adhesives for luxury leather goods. It produces double-sided, highly transparent and strongly adhesive products which leave no traces and do not stain the fabrics. Even the finest of shoes will appreciate the very thin strips the company produces, starting from a width of just 3mm and that can be modelled so that they closely follow the curves and lines of all models, while brogues will boast a perfect finish thanks to the special laser-cut adhesive paper that protects the leather. There are other products to discover, such as hypo-allergenic adhesives for medical uses or silicon-coated films for the application of diamanté.

PAPILLON RIBBON & BOW                      FR                   4C53


This family company, at the head of five subsidiaries located around the world, creates, develops and distributes ribbons, bows, ornaments, pouches, etc., mainly for lingerie and packaging in the luxury, perfume, gastronomy, wines and spirits sectors. Working very closely with their clients, Papillon offers bespoke solutions that include weaving, with threads provided by the client where required, folding, printing, tailoring, braiding and formatting.  The work is particularly fine and detailed, producing decorations that can sometimes be quite minuscule. In particular, they offer a new 3D printing technique that is very fine, precise and just 0.6 mm high. In addition, it should be noted that the company holds the patent for the Ceco Box, a magnetic folding box for top-of-the-range packaging.

REBILDESIGN FASHION LABELING                   TR                   4G50


For more than 20 years, this company has been making labels, tags, seals and packaging for the ready-to-wear and jeanswear sectors, focusing primarily on creativity, differentiation and fashion, but also on the quality of the production. Rebildesign Fashion Labeling ensures it is always at the cutting-edge of trends in order to very rapidly offer its clients solutions that are both original and bang on trend. The collection does not only stand out for its variety but also for the skilful combination of materials (leather incrusted with fabric, placing of acrylic on a woven background, etc.) and the precision of its lettering and logos, whether they are produced using screen printing, jacquard, micro-injection or any other method.

ROMA LEATHER                            GB                              4A08


This belt maker is based in England and targets a mid- to high-end market, made up of brands and stores, for the masculine and mixed sectors in an elegant fashion style. Entirely made in England, carefully finished using the best leathers, the articles are 100% handmade, from the weaving to the assembly and the addition of metal elements. The philosophy of the manufacturer is to not only follow trends but anticipate fashions and desires, working closely with its clients to meet their needs, offering the right quantity and the right style at the right moment.

SBS ZIPPER                          HK                              4C56


An essential player in the zip sector, this manufacturer has clients around the world and has even trademarked its logo in more than 70 countries and regions. It combines a large production capacity with exacting quality standards. It was the first Chinese zip manufacturer to obtain ISO9001 certification and is currently working to satisfy the environmental standards of ISO14001. The collection includes a very large range of metal or plastic zips for the ready-to-wear sector, notably sportswear, as well as for luggage.  In addition the company offers a complete collection of items for the sports, travel wear and outdoor sectors including cord stoppers, technical buckles, sports bag handles, hydration bottles and travel containers.

SCARPELLINI                      IT                    4C50


For 30 years, Scarpellini has been working with leading luxury labels to produce decorations on leather for footwear, leather goods and clothing. Everything is made in Italy, a guarantee of the quality. Embroidery, placing of diamanté and studs, sequins, beads, incisions, inclusion… Here, leather is not just the material; it becomes one with the decoration, however sophisticated the composition may be. Thanks to an experience team and the use of avant-garde materials, Scarpellini is able to offer solutions for research and prototype development as well as for the production phase.

TACCHIFICIO VAL DI CHIENTI PLAST               IT                    4I28


Do you need customised soles or specific heels? Tacchificio…offers its savoir-faire and fast turnaround times to a clientele that is ever more demanding and in a hurry. Thanks to an energetic team that is always on the alert, the collection is enriched with new designs and new techniques throughout the year, not just twice a year. Soles, heels, platforms, uppers… here you will find very creative proposals, remarkable notably for the artistically sculptured forms and the very elaborate colouring procedures, ideal for dressy shoes like sandals as well as for boots and all elegant and fashionable city shoes.

VIOLA VAMP                       IT                    4E47             


A manufacturer of metal accessories for more than 60 years, this company boasts savoir-faire handed down over the generations coupled with modern tools and a team of talented designers.  VAMP has successfully maintained the heritage of the company, using its archives as a source of inspiration and working in partnership with fashion and design schools. With a range of more than 70 different finishes, each element of the collection, including buckles, buttons, fasteners, fibula, crochet, hooks, etc. can be customised for each customer. The company works for the ready-to-wear, footwear and leather goods sectors, and anyone who loves beautiful objects and will particularly appreciate the elegance and modernity of their designs and the variety of finishes and patinas.


WOW WISH INTERNATIONAL                             TR                   4D55

 wow wish

Located in Turkey, this embroidery company seeks to combine the savoir-faire of the East with the fashion sense of the West, the secular tradition of art embroidery and the permanent search for innovation, which leads it to experiment with new techniques and more contemporary styles. After a brilliant start, producing small quantities for the haute couture and luxury sectors, the company has increased its production capacity, focusing on ceremonial wear and bridal wear. But its ability to renew itself and its careful attention to fashion and the wishes of its clients is now allowing the company to broaden the areas in which it works.

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