Exhibitor Portraits #1 Accessories


Anna Magrin, owner of Toschi Passamanerie, Première Vision Accessories , selected “hay gel” from the AW1718 colour range.



Just like always challenging yourself. They’re freeing too. I manage the company founded by my parents, but I am also involved in creating our trims, our cords and our braids; I oversee both what we are making and our marketing. My training was in a variety of fields. I have a background as an architect, I have a PhD in architectural and urban design, and I worked for 10 years researching and teaching at a university. That’s the visible part of the iceberg. But I had earlier experiences. As a child and a teenager, I heard my parents talking with designers, choosing colours and designs, discussing prices of the items, interacting with technicians and supporting the workers: That’s where my experience comes from. You find that good ideas aren’t enough, you must transform those ideas into something concrete. Production is also a creative process. You have to be able to modify existing techniques or invent new ones, be curious as you check and modify each result. Like everyone else, we’ve faced accelerated, increasingly complex time schedules. But it hasn’t been too hard. We’ve always proposed at least two complete collections and dozens of new articles each year. And we can modify our products on request, in shorter time frames. But let’s talk about the strong comeback of ‘Made In Italy’! Everybody, I hope, has been happy to see how clients, especially European ones, want to shorten the supply chain, to better control product quality and meet ever-shorter deadlines!