Everything for the rucksack

Who doesn’t have a rucksack?



Moving away from hiking trails to take centre stage during Fashion Weeks, it is the star accessory of the year. At Première Vision Accessories, you will find everything needed to perfect this “it-bag”. Starting with the straps: While there is no desire to look like a mountain guide, there is no need to sacrifice technical comfort either. Fashion Tex offers sufficiently ergonomic padded straps, enhanced with decorations that make them really stand out.
Their graffiti jacquards will appeal to the younger clientele, whilst their tweed straps edged in gros grain would not look out of place alongside a suit and tie. We also notice the straps with a used denim effect from So.Tex.Co. For girly, ultra-light smaller models, the new quilted ribbon from Satab is just what is needed.
© Satab


In terms of the main material, Air Collection offer panels in retro 70s marquetry leather. 

Moving to the inside, mesh and spacers are essential to cushion shocks and allow transpiration to evaporate, but are not always terribly aesthetic. AT+T has found the solution: Embroidered or inkjet-printed, they become refined details and features of customisation. And let’s not forget that the rucksack also has a handle so that it can be carried in the hand. Which leads us to ponder: should it match the straps or not? Soft or stiff? With items in plastic, trimmings, webbing and leather, we are spoiled for choice.

© Air Collection

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