Effet Passementeries – trimmings specialist


For a little more than a year now, trimmings have been back in fashion. Cords, frogs and pompons are inspiring designers once again, such as Lanvin who made them one of the key features in its latest catwalk show.
Effet Passementeries is one of the few remaining trimmings manufacturers in activity in France, preserving and developing a savoir-faire that is still mostly hand sewn. The company is based in the Saint-Etienne region and was founded in 1860. Today it is seeing customers coming back to it, after they had spent some time using overseas suppliers.  To adapt to orders that are more numerous, more demanding and more urgent, the manager, François Foulon, has recruited staff and renewed his pool of machines, which can now produce some 350 ancient and modern techniques, of all imaginable types. Among other products, the company invented (and presented in September) the woven princess braid –  a process that is much quicker than traditional weaving. But the company also knows how to take its time when the procedure requires it. Effet Passementeries is the only company in France to produce Lyonnais chenille: perfectly round chenille that is made in 10 metre long sections that are then sewn together, and which contain three times more velvet strands than Italian chenille. An exceptional product, sold in particular to landscape architects to imitate vegetation, but which is seeing renewed interest from designers, to create astrakhan effects, or for Swiss dot veiling