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Fall in love with the designs of the jewellery designer Camille Enrico and her collection of cuffs, necklaces, rings and earrings combining metal and colourful embroideries.

Discover the CO/CO range. Choose a letter and the colour of the thread and the team will embroider the article before your very

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After earning a degree as a Stylist from the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués, followed by a Master in Development of Fashion and Clothing Products from the Ecole Supérieure de l’Industrie du Vêtement (CCIP), Camille Enrico worked for five years for Tara Jarmon à Paris, as a buyer then as a ready-to-wear stylist. After this experience she set out on to travel the world.  “I felt an irresistible need to travel, to open my mind, to meet people from all horizons in order to develop my creativity as much as possible. The decision to travel alone was a difficult one to take, but I screwed up my courage and I left everything behind.”

It was while she was travelling the world that the idea of creating a jewellery range came to her. Camille had always mixed different styles and contradictory universes. She draws inspiration for her creativity from everywhere, but particularly from elsewhere…The very essence of the label comes from her voyages and the various cultures that she has encountered, which she then combines together to develop a truly innovative brand.


A blend of precious and raw materials, ancestral and modern techniques, shimmering and sharp colours, simple and sophisticated articles. The metal is sculpted, moulded, cut-out, pierced, engraved, dipped in a 24-carat gold bath and embroidered with cotton thread. The articles take on their full potential and nobility thanks to French savoir-faire.

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