Baroque dazzle


Swarovski, the world leader in precision-cut crystals, is constantly updating its offer, both in terms of technique and style. The new SS 2018 collection is entirely in keeping with the fluctuating dividing lines – between casual and chic fashions, nature and artifice – currently defining the styles of our age. Gang Star, No Normal, Hacked Nature and Spell Bound are four themes developing these new style proposals, united by the same outrageous or refined baroque opulence. In Gang Star, symbols from worlds of hip-hop and gangsta-rap are expressed in crystals, with black skulls, crosses, symbols and phrases as instantly identifiable as “bling-bling.” The brand is also developing refined and precious proposals, including the large stones in “2.5 D” volumes designed by Chris Bagel, and mirroring crystals featuring filigree logos and subtle phrases. The nebulous brightness and scaly surface of the new Crystal Galuchat further this search for a distinctive shine, through random patterns of tiny, differently-sized globes as precious to the eyes as they are to the touch. Elegantly baroque, and soberly excessive.