Accessories selection AW20/21

Subtle irregularities

The classics are subtly disturbed by surfaces enriched with micro-asperities. Sandblasted metals for rings, grainy touches for buttons, subtly hammered surface treatments on clasps. The materials appear to be porous, and the textures rough, but in fact reveal a unique softness thanks to expert polishing effects.


Nocturnal visions


Strange smoky effects veil ribbons and labels in graduated tones that revisit tie-dyes in a more enigmatic light. Marking a return to “dark romanticism” are blurred figurative motifs, nostalgic slogans and blurry graphic decorations. Embellishments adopt darkened, shot tones, as if under soft moonlight, with metallized aspects with elusively toned reflections.


Contemporary myths

Mystical embellishments are engraved on accessories. Crude and irregular markings with scripts that recall runes on buttons; prehistoric motifs on labels; embroidered graphic compositions evoking South American temples… a telescoping of influences and eras. It’s all about creating new references and asserting a secret language to reveal the tribes of tomorrow.


Crazy hairies

New supernatural fleeces! Fringes have left the folk thing far behind them, taking on synthetic aspects and vibrant hues. Embellishments are covered in strange barbs. Multi-coloured ribbons are brushed, placement embroideries have bigger volumes thanks to “lawn” techniques, and messages on labels are dynamized with cut-yarn effects. Patches combine feathers, ribbons, embroideries … piling up on accessories to evoke an imaginary wild creature!


Colour highlights

The season’s “purple addict” shade adds a touch of flamboyance to any medium.
Its many aspects play out across all accessories categories: glossy labels, brushed ribbons, bouncy soles, gemstones. The season is all about warm colours: pinky beiges, brick and terracottas are the new neutrals and match perfectly with this fierce purple.



The season’s jewellery components display an enigmatic distinction. Lines snake, protective medallions provide reassurance, pendants evoke raw nuggets… treasures appear. Colour is displayed in a fuller way, with matt rhinestones that lend a depth to nuances and updated cloisonné enamels.
Metallic and rhinestone meshes makes a major comeback, with articulated earrings and necklaces with a chain-mail look. Ornamental stones continue to gain in popularity, further refined with rhinestones set in the centre of the stones, an unexpected and unique way to combine these elements!
Chains also shake things up with updated, DNA-style linkings or interlocking geometric links.
Metals are revealed with subtlety, and research here is focused on lively, brushed, sanded, slightly hammered surfacings that confer a discreet sparkle to gilded and silvery elements.