Technology working for accessories.

Accessories can enhance items, push them to their limits, make them more functional or even become one with the product. More and more, consumers are demanding accessories that are no longer just an accessory, they want useful products but with aesthetic appeal, innovative products that can be worn every day. This is the approach of the Accessology area – to highlight the innovative technological approaches developed for accessories for leather goods, footwear and jewellery.

3 designers, 3 projects, 3 visions of accessories. 

Il était un fil 

A clever bag

This young French label has addressed one of the annoyances of our times: a smartphone with a flat battery. The concept involves including a spare battery in the handbags and clutches and thus using the bag to charge the smart phone. Once the spare battery has been charged itself, it can then charge a Smartphone twice, thus tripling their autonomy. The company useslithium ion polymer 5600 mAH batteries. And all the ‘Il était un fil’ bags are also made in France by artisans specialised in leather goods production.  The leathers are carefully chosen in France and Italy in order to offer intelligent and elegant models.


When soles become shoes.

These new shoes have been created from an ancestral Japanese packaging technique, and they perfectly mould to the feet of their wearer. They are the result of the creativity of the Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto, who makes them for Vibram. For her creation, the designer reworked a packaging technique that has been present in her country for more than 1000 years: The Furoshiki. This ancestral technique involves wrapping content in a fabric which in turn becomes the container. Furoshiki shoes perfectly espouse the shape of the foot and are fixed with a strip of Velcro, rather than laces, while the adapted sole makes them efficient sports shoes.


VOJD Studios

3D design

VOJD Studios is a Berlin-based premium 3D printing house working with luxury fashion labels to create accessories, jewellery and garments unprecedented in structure, shape and texture. The company utilizes the latest 3D printing and design technologies combined with traditional handcraftsmanship.

VOJD Studios enables high fashion houses and designers to:
-Co-develop market-ready 3D printed collections and/or integrate 3D printing in ready-to-wear collections in a quick and cost-effective way,
-Bring to life customizable designs and approach materials in new, highly innovative ways, creating unprecedented complexities, structures and surfaces,
-Provide an ethical way of rapid manufacturing with a zero-waste technology.