A behind the scenes look at the Première Vision AW 20-21 image

Bertil Nilsson is a Swedish-born fine-art photographer currently living in London. He is especially known for his work inspired by the human form and its movement, which he situates in a natural universe. He created the AW 20-21 image for Première Vision.

Première Vision selected one of your images for its latest campaign. How did you shoot it? Under what conditions? And what message was it designed to convey?

I shot this photograph in the Canary Islands with my friend Eike, who’s a circus artist. I didn’t have in mind any particular message or preconceived idea about what it meant. What’s interesting in art is what the viewer brings to the image. Depending on your own history, your state of mind and the context in which you experience it, you project your own meaning onto it. The best photographers are those who encourage interpretation, and I aspire to that in my work.

©Bertil Nilsson

©Bertil Nilsson

Your work focuses on both the body and the environment. How would you define it?

I try to put the emphasis on emotional connections, especially between the body and the worlds in which we live. These are recurring themes in my work, and I break them down in different media.

You’ve already published two books, Undisclosed in 2011 and Naturally in 2015, and now you’re making films. What does this kind of diversity bring to your creativity?

I’m interested in so many things! I’m always looking to learn and experiment. I don’t want to repeat myself or confine myself to a single medium, whether that’s film, photography or installations. At the moment film and moving images offer me the most interesting challenges, and let me elaborate themes I care about. People, for example, are always present in my work.