Yumé Péma, The Minutiae of the Cut

A Lyonnais workshop for high-quality laser engraving and the cutting of delicate materials, Yumé Péma is able to work with minuscule precision on the most fragile of materials such as feathers, silk muslin, and polyester satin – without leaving any trace of the laser’s heat.
The workshop has developed particular expertise in textile marquetry, through the inlay of various materials for fashion accessories. Whether engraving 30-microns-thick films for the pharmaceutical industry or cutting organza-mounted feathers, fine as lace, for haute couture, Yumé Péma always pushes materials to the limits of their possibility.
From February 7-9 February 2017, Yumé Péma participates for the first time in Maison d’Exceptions, the space at Première Vision Paris dedicated to haute création.