The Textile Society: A Material Passion

Based in London, The Textile Society is an organization formed in 1982 by a group of textile enthusiasts from an array of backgrounds: whether designers, artists, industry professionals, museum employees, conservationists, collectors, students or professors, all share in common a love of textiles and a marked desire to share their passion. This demographic diversity is reflected in the organization itself, which functions as an interdisciplinary and academic space uniting a range of professions all revolving around textiles.
The Society strives to promote textile scholarship, in all of its traditional and contemporary permutations, with special attention to historical and cultural contexts. To this end, they organize discussions, events and panels around themes showcasing artisanal techniques unique to specific regions of our world such as Balkan embroidery, Iranian fabrics, or hand-made objects from Southeast Asia. They also exhibit otherwise private collections, museum pieces typically not viewable to the public, or even one-of-a-kind fabrics interpreted by specialists. Furthermore, The Textile Society’s partnerships with fashion and textile museums also allow them to offer guided tours as well many public lectures by renowned textile experts.
One of the original missions of The Society is to recognize and support talent in textile students and professionals, which it continues today thanks to the fundraising of the London and Manchester Antique Textile Fairs. In this spirit, the Society awards scholarships to textile students, sponsors professional projects within a museum context, and offers the Lucienne Day Award to spur innovation in textile design.
Textile Society London
The Textile Society’s range of activities are complemented, and enriched, by its annual publication TEXT. At once a spotlight on the foundation’s activities and a creative and academic outlet for its active members, TEXT publishes articles, notes, reviews, a conference and exposition calendar, and local and international textile news, offering a forum for textile enthusiasts of all stripes.