The Fashion and Textile Museum of London

Set in the crafty historical neighbourhood of Bermondsey, where many old factories were turned into hip cafes and workshops, the Fashion and Textile museum of London is a hub of exhibitions and creativity. The museum showcases a rich collection of fabrics, clothes, shoes and accessories representing the history of fashion creativity in London and the world.
It was founded in 2008 by the legendary British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. The museum serves the creative community of the city as a source of inspiration, learning and exchange of ideas, and offers a communitarian approach, which emphasises the interaction with creators and designers around town. The building, designed by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, fills the street with bright colours, giving it a distinct and joyful presence.
The exhibitions seek to give space to designers and creators who are not represented in the bigger museums of London, including the Victoria and Albert Museum or the Design Museum. Here, the emphasis is not necessarily on fame and glory, but on original creation and skill.
The exhibitions at the museum change every six months. Some are dedicated to local designers and fashion houses, including Bellville-Sassoon, Kaffe Fassett, and Zandra Rhodes, while others present overarching themes, like knitwear, Bohemian chic or Mexican textiles. Other displays explore the history of British fashion: holiday-wear, liberty style or nautical inspiration. Many of the exhibitions are accompanied by talks and seminars led by the designers on show or by the curators.
Alongside the temporary exhibitions, the museum also offers a variety of workshops and lectures for professionals in the field. The workshops are operated by Newham College, an adult education college in London, and focus on building the technical skills required by fashion professional and amateurs alike, in fashion, jewellery making and knitting. The setting of the museum in the trendy area of South Bank and the creative initiatives on offer render it an attractive venue for young designers and creators in town.