The Cuzco Center for Traditional Textiles

In Peru, textile traditions dating back millennia are an integral part of local history and identity. Textiles are a form of communication, containing codes and symbols that speak volumes: on wooden looms, men and women of the Andes weave their identities, their communities, their regional character. In the region of Cuzco, drawings, colors, materials and styles of weaving vary from village to village, drawing in thread the belonging of a weaver to his or her community.
Industrialization and the consequent depletion of transmission has little by little threatened this pillar of identity rooted in pre-Columbian civilizations. The younger generations have all but abandoned apprenticeship and the secrets of this specific and symbolic savoir-faire have remained in the hands of the oldest community members in the Andes.
Centre pour les Textiles Traditionnels de Cusco
Founded in 1996, the Cuzco Center for Traditional Textiles is dedicated to preventing the extinction of traditional Peruvian textiles.
Its missions? Improve the quality of life for weavers, provide workspaces sheltered from the torrential rain that affects the region, allow for a rebirth of traditional savoir-faire throughout ateliers, transmit a taste for traditional fabric to the young, reintroduce natural dyeing methods now seen as antiquated, research and report on designs and techniques for weaving, exposing and sharing them through the Textile Museum and its boutique, founded by the Center at the heart of Cuzco. But above all, the Center intends to rehabilitate this rich heritage to restore its renown and the pride of Andes’ inhabitants, notably those new communities involved in this artistic and humanitarian project.