The coming together of craftsmanship and modernity

From the 29th of June to the 30th of September 2012, the Villa Noailles, welcomed into its sports hall, during Design Parade 07, an exhibition whose name set out to be provocative – “Craftsmanship and Modernity”.
Named by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès and Sèvres – Cité de la céramique, the exhibition was the result of an eight month workshop jointly led by the fifteen students of Sciences Po and Ensci – Les Ateliers, aiming to “reawaken” traditional craftsmanship and to demonstrate its capacity, not only to adapt to contemporary design but to enrich it. The students gave themselves the task of showing their creative skills, of demonstrating the relevance of the concept of “exceptional contemporary handmade design” and the place these traditional crafts can have in a modern context which is predominantly industrial.
The result? The creation of a fictional laboratory, the LAPIE (Laboratory for the production of Innovative and Experimental hand made items) which aimed to accompany innovative projects in the craft sector. Presented in a theoretical manner by the means of three scenarios underlining the production of objects, texts and images, this new type of laboratory offered new perspectives for luxury craftsmanship, as theoretical and aesthetic as they were practical.
Photo : Lothaire Hucki