Textile Arts Center, Fiber Art's New York Home

Textile Arts Center (TAC) is a bit of a standalone in the vast terrain of New York cultural centers, which are most often dedicated to contemporary art. Opened in 2009, this Park Slope, Brooklyn space is entirely consecrated to textile practice and artistic artisanship in all its forms.
In 2011, TAC formed and opened a second studio in Manhattan, near Washington Square Park. Adults and children, experts and novices alike, come to introductions to weaving, learn the basics of shibori dyeing and are initiated into the art of high wrap tapestry. Apprenticeship is in the front lines at the center; its teachers are all artisans and designers and their classes occur in a studious, relaxed environment.
Workshops for Children, Felt Monsters
The space itself was created in the format of an associative organization and through the collective initiative of artisans and creators wishing to create a community around a shared creative interest in the material. Beyond their immense course offerings, the success of this pioneering structure is certainly owed to the mutuality and spirit of exchange that reigns here, as shown in the desire to create transversal dialogues between creative leisure activity, fashion, textile, and art.
Katazome dyeing class
The creation of such a space echoes the maker movement, for whom Brooklyn was a key origin, as well as a renewal of DIY culture. TAC also has open hours for those who wish to use the printing tables or looms in their own work.
Weaving class
Other programs enrich the life of the center such as seasonal internships and an annual Artist in Residence cycle that welcomes eight visual artists and emerging designers. Selected residents spend nine months at the atelier participating in roundtables and seminars as well as working on a collective exhibit. This is not only a springboard for visibility in a saturated New York scene but is also an opportunity to develop work in a collaborative context with other talents in complementary, diverse fields.
Artist in Residence Studio
The center is also interested in the question of natural dyeing. They house “Sewing Seeds,” an innovative program specifically dedicated to the transmission of dyeing techniques and the cultivation of plants for tinctures in Brooklyn.
In an activism that blends education, mediation and creation, TAC has nurtured an active network of amateurs, researchers and professionals to nourish future vocations and encourage the reinvigoration of a creative field sometimes overlooked.
Cover Photo: Brooklyn Studio
Photo Credits: Textile Arts Center