Seven Senses, The Seventh Sense of Indigo

To perpetuate the traditional weaving of Indian Khadi is the mission of Seven Senses. This company was established in Amsterdam in collaboration with around one hundred artisans in the remote villages of Bihar in Northern India and operates in a manner respectful of both the environment and the human beings in it.
Their organic cotton fabrics, which reinterpret the spirit of denim, are produced from locally-grown crops and are exclusively manufactured by manual spinning and weaving. Before being dyed with natural indigo, the threads are infused with a blend of essential oils and herbs that lends infinite variety and nuance to the coloration, producing a range of intense and luminous blues. Thus, every meter of the fabric is unique.
From February 7-9 February 2017, Seven Senses participates for the first time in Maison d’Exceptions, the space at Première Vision Paris dedicated to haute création.