Paraffection : for the traditional fashion crafts

In 1997, Chanel announced the creation of its subsidiary company Parraffection, destined to unite the artisan workshops which the famous fashion house has bought over the years. This collection of workshops displays a variety of crafts and their names are as poetic as their activities: the feather maker Lemarié, the maker of fabric flowers Guillet, the embroiderer Lesage, the shoemaker Massaro, the button and ornamentation maker Desrues, the milliner Maison Michel, the glove maker Causse and also the goldsmith Goossens, among others. Trades which seem to have come from another era, the contemporary revolutions in the world of fashion seeming to have left no room for these small houses with unusual resources. However, if the clients of these workshops are becoming rarer, they are still very much present: forunate aesthetes wishing to aquire a unique piece or couture houses passing orders for their fashion shows. These latter would not be able to do without the “little hands” which are at the services of the fantastic and valuble ideas of the creators.

Aware of the importance of these workshops,Chanel decided to offer its support. In so doing the company declared its legitimacy as a temple of quality, assuring the continuation of haute couture and displaying the historical and current tradion of French exceptionalism. One of their means of support and promossion is by dedicating to the workshops, once a year since 2002, a fashion show, a glance into their universe which is both minute and grandiose. Maybe it’s slightly down to interest but it’s most deffinatley done with affection.