Palazzo Morando in Milan

Palazzo Morando, the museum of custom and fashion in Milan is located at the heart of the fashion district, near Via Montenapoleone. An imposing palazzo overlooking an arcaded courtyard, the museum includes a permanent collection of historical garments, as well as temporary exhibitions focused on contemporary design.
Alongside the fashion exhibits, the museum includes paintings, sculptures, and prints that have originally been part of the museum of the history of Milan. By situating the fashion items in the context of the historical landscape of the city and its urban development, the garment receives an interesting historical contextualisation.
Palazzo Morando, galleria cinese
A series of donations made by the aristocratic and wealthy residents of the city has given rise to an impressive collection of fashion history. A changing display of dresses, accessories, shoes, hats and gloves reveals the mastery of Italian dress-makers in the 18th and 19th century. The collection includes over 6,000 items, which were initially held at the Sforzesco castle in the city. Now, a series of exhibitions aims to bring to the public the impressive collections that testify the exquisite taste in fashion of the city’s elite.
Temporary thematic exhibitions display the new creations of contemporary designers in the fields of textile, fashion and accessories. One of the recent exhibitions explores the relations between fashion and the social sphere, displaying works by fourteen leading artists on the nexus between society, art, and design.
Palazzo Morando, sala dell’olimpo
This exhibition shows a garment is not only a cover for the body but also a sense of identity and social belonging. The interplay between Eastern and Western dress, between new technologies and ancient traditions, create a new place for fashion within society. Fashion, for the artists on show, can be a motor for social change, and textiles embody a social energy.
Photo Credits: Palazzo Morando