On aura tout vu, Fashion Designers, at the Maison d’Exceptions show 1/2

(English subtitles available)

“Yassen Samouilov: It is often materials or the creation of materials, the hybridization of existing materials. There is no limit to the idea of material creation and the transformation thereof.

Livia Stoianova: We come from the world of art. This is very important. We are not trained in fashion. We do not have barriers regarding what is permitted. We are free to take material and destroy it to create another. Sometimes people who come from the fashion trades, out of respect for the material or out of fear, feel blocked. For us, destruction is a part of construction. We work with emotion. Emotion that is provoked by rarity, uniqueness.

YS: It is very interesting to speak of emotion because the way that we work materials is an attempt to moves towards the provocation of an emotion. I think this is what characterizes our work in both clothing and jewelry. When something is worn it must create emotion in the wearer as well as those who see the wearer. This is rather complex. I hope that we can achieve this.

LS: The gaze as well as the touch are important. Everything comes into play.”