Massimiliano Massia, MV 1843, at the Maison d'Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)
“This year we are very proud to celebrate our 170 years of activity. The company was founded six generations before mine by my great great great grandfather, who was called Vittorio. M for Massia, V for Vittorio and 1843 the year of its creation.
During all these years, there has been no real technological developments in our machines. In fact, we still use machines dating from 1770 to 1950 which, still today, allow us to develop high-end sophisticated products, made ​​on hand-guided or mechanical machinery.
The merit does not come to me directly, but from previous generations who knew how to keep the company’s records. The challenge that excites me most today is that of reinterpreting a range of older models, not so much by changing their textile structure, but rather by varying the basic materials. For this we use external designers who influence and enrich our view of what needs to be innovated in our company.”