Masao Koishihara, Yushisha, at the Maison d’Exceptions show

(English subtitles available)

Traditionally, our atelier produces Obis in silk. One day, we learned that the practice of weaving glycine, Fujifu, survived in the Tango region and nowhere else in Japan. We have revived this artisinal technique and fabricate Obis from Fujifu. This method of weaving has been passed down for generations. Today, it is designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kyoto and Japanese folklore culture. We continue this ancient practice without altering the process, this is our condition of production. Silkweaving is our family business. I am fourth-generation and we will continue into the fifth. Fujifu is, in fact, the quintessential fabric of old Japan. A man who wore an animal skin began to cover himself with a fabric. But today, as it is, nobody wears this primitive fabric, and so we make Obis. But in 100% glycine they would be too stiff and could deteriorate the Kimono fabric. So we mix the glycine with silk. Usually we work exclusively within the world of traditional Japanese clothing, but here the styles are much more varied. It is a good stimulant that pushes us towards new creative challenges.